Increase in Wine Exports to Zanzibar

With the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar experiencing a huge surge in tourism, our export of South African wines to the tropical island of Zanzibar has skyrocketed.

Improved infrastructure and trade routes are allowing Wineweb to distribute our local South African wines more efficiently, supplying Zanzibar restaurants and Zanzibar Hotels with the best we have to offer at more affordable proces than before. Just recently one of our biggest Wineweb customers got married on Zanzibar and spent his honeymoon there too. The island has become an extremely popular choice of destination with South African couples wanting to tie the knot on a tropical island on the African continent. This new trend has also done wonders for the exports of our sparkling wines to Zanzibar too. Everybody loves a bit of bubbly when celebrating a wedding !

Our long time client, Aldrich, and his gorgeous fiance Siobhan invited over 200 of their friend and family to join them on their special day. Aldrich now swear by a local company called Discover Zanzibar, for all your Zanzibar accommodation requirements. “These guys were absolutely awesome ! You know, getting married can be quite a stressful time, with all the planning and coordinating that goes into it in order to make it a success. The team at Discover Zanzibar were so professional and efficient, managing to adapt to our continuous changes and amendments without any hitches.


In Aldrich’s own words :

“Everything is coming together before the big day. Suit, best man, venue, décor all checked. The only thing left to do is planning for the honeymoon. It’s the one thing your bride has entrusted you with. After all she did take care of the rest. She’s trusting that you will give her an unforgettable experience with loads of cherished memories. A positive start to a great marriage.
You know what you want, but everything you’re looking for is way out of your budget. You want to make her happy and want her to have the most memorable experience of her life. But everything you’ve found so far is not going to fit in with the budget you’ve set aside. There are so many destinations to choose from. You want to choose the right one. The one that will win her heart.
The vision you have in your mind is of pearl white, soft sand. The sand is so soft, your feet sink into it with every step you take. The sea is an outstretched never ending sea of turquoise. The closer you walk towards the sea, you are drawn in by the magic which lies beneath its’ mesmerizing blue depths.

You dive into the sea, beneath it is an endless species of sea creatures. Bright in colour, lighting up the sea with their vibrant colours. As you surface, a pod of dolphins swim by. Out of instinct you grab onto one of its’ fins and for a while you are swimming right beside the dolphin. You surface, still amazed by what had just happened. Slowly you start walking back towards the white washed shore. There are rows of thatched open plan beach cottages spotted across the sand. You lay down on the extra soft bed, the sound of the ocean and birds tranquil to your ears.
The sun is about to set, soon it will be nightfall. You head out towards the beach bar which is now filled with jostling tourists from all over the world. You take a seat and sip on the cocktail the native barman has just brought you. You look out towards the outstretched sea. The sun dancing on the horizon. The animals are getting ready to call it a night. The palm trees are gently swaying in the island breeze. This is definitely your idea of a tropical paradise. A place you could retreat to, a place you could call home. A place to make lots of happy memories.
You wake up suddenly from your vivid dream. The image you have inside your head of white washed sands, and turquoise sea seams more real than anything else. You start searching for this dream destination. It just has to exist somewhere out there, you know it’s there. Then you come across and Island in East Africa. An Island just off the Island of Tanzania, that’s it, that’s the one.
It’s an Island called Zanzibar. It’s everything you had envisioned and more. You are ecstatic that you don’t have to fly for miles on end. It’s right here in your homeland Africa. A hidden beauty tucked away along the coast of East Africa. You don’t hesitate for a second, the tickets are booked. When you hand them over to your bride, she is as ecstatic as you knew she would be. You arrive at your destination your beautiful bride at your side. You’re greeted by friendly native Swahili’s and given a drink on arrival. As your feet touch the sand, it sinks into the softness of the pearl white sand. It feels familiar, exactly the way it happened in your dream. You come to the realization that Zanzibar is your dream come true.”

Aldrich’s wedding guests certainly contributed to our healthy volume of wine exports to Zanzibar for the month. Many Thanks Aldrich and congratulations to both of you!