Are you Sure drinking Wine is your Best Option ?

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Are you sure the drinking wine and alcohol is the best option for you ? At Wineweb we run an online platform allowing local wine producers to showcase their best wines and offerings, and we try to make it easy for our readers and supporters to order these products online at the most competitive prices. However, we accept a certain amount of responsibility when it comes to the sale of alcohol. Far too many families and lives have been destroyed by alcoholism. Some people simply do not have the constitution required to drink wine and alcohol responsibly. There are many local South African establishments that are doing their bit in assisting these unfortunate people, Scotswood Retreat is one such place, providing an environment of sober living in Cape Town for those who need it.

Addiction and alcoholism in the minds of many people today can lead to a misconception as to what it really is and to the effects it can have on the body and the mind.  Most people today, when asked about this problem, regard addiction in the form of drugs and alcohol. However these are only two of many other addictions. Other forms of addiction may include things like; cigarettes, food, pornography, work, exercise and even in my opinion online gaming or face book addictions. For some people it can start with a simple glass of Chardonnay and they lose control completely, sobering up several days later, without any recollection of how they came to be where they are.
All addictions however have the same result, it affects your body and your mind and brings the person into captivity from which it seems impossible to escape. One possible misconception people may think of; is the idea that all those affected by addiction, lack the willpower and strength, both physically and mentally, to overcome their addiction. Addiction is something that is not limited to a few very poor or disturbed individuals, but can manifest itself in anyone that will allow it. Even in individuals that have no knowledge of its awareness, for example, babies can be affected in the womb due to the addiction of the mother and can be born with major organ problems and the possibility of becoming addicts themselves in the future.
Young adults can also be addicted due to peer pressure at schools and universities which affects their lives, causing in most cases, for them to drop out of school or varsity. In many cases addiction among young female adults lands up with unwanted pregnancies, which results in the increase in the abortion rate and the destruction of young promising lives.
Adults that are addicted can cause havoc at home, making lives unbearable for the children and the spouses and can often end up in the divorce court. However, there is some good news for those who suffer from addiction, as experts in the field are always discovering new ways to treat the problem, therefore giving them a ray of hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Scotswood sober house Cape Town is the perfect bridge for those who suffer from alcoholism or any form of addiction to get their lives back in order. The establishment is extremely well run and maintained with strict control over the community that take up residence there, so as not to allow for one person’s behaviour to adversely impact on that of a fellow community member. A glass of wine is all it takes for some people to completely derail.
Hopefully, if the addict can acknowledge their problem and look for help, the results will end in victory for both the user and their loved ones. Statistics show that addiction in any form will have devastating effects on the users loved ones and also on the community at large. Large sums of money are spent every year, in all countries of the world, for the purchase of illegal, black market, drugs which causes the medical health care costs to skyrocket. Apart from this, drug addiction is the main cause for thousands of deaths each year, and is also responsible for the increase of crime in all countries where it is practiced.

Problem of choice or disease, these are the questions I seem to come across when trying to find a way to classify addiction. First I have read it is considered a disease as the drugs change the brain, its structure and function. The changes in the brain can be long lasting and cause behavioural changes in the person who abuse the drugs. On the other hand new research called, the science of neuroplasticity, shows that the brain under normal circumstances changes naturally. So any change in the brain is not just the result of addiction.
People can go back and forth on explanations, but when those changes occur and instead of helping the person start to affect the lives of that person in a negative way, then it is a problem that needs to be taken care of. Help in the form of therapy and family support and trying to develop a holistic treatment plan that benefits the person and family involved. To help them live their lives as normal as possible.