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The Very Best Season To Check Out South Africa is Wine Season!

The Cape Town and surrounding areas are world renowned for the high quality of wines produced. Since the very beginning when the first French Hugenots landed on the Cape shores, bringing with them their knowledge of grape growing and viticulture, there has been no shortage of high quality white and red wines available in the region. The areas most famous for wine production are Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek, but that doesn’t mean that there are not plenty of well established and high quality vineyards in other parts of the Western Cape.

I don’t know whether you have thought about not just a getaway in South Africa, or perhaps got as far as the preparation stage. For most people a visit to South Africa tends to remain in the middle of the European Winter, due to the fact that of the tourist attractions of blue sky and a better temperature. One of the more popular places to stay in Cape Town is Ashanti Cape Town Backpackers, a great place situated right in the city centre and the perfect base for planning all your wine tours.

Naturally enough this is high season time in South Africa, and we must all know precisely what that implies.
It of course suggests high prices, and crowds, 2 things that would put me straight off.

Going to South Africa has to consist of a minimum of a few days spent on Safari, so exactly what does that mean in high season?
The first thing it indicates is a 40% hike in hotel room rates, and in the very same vein, a substantial increase in air fares specifically around the Christmas to New Year period.

In addition, consider the following:

If you wish to fly from Europe to Cape Town, then fares drop sharply in mid August, and hotel rates remain low until September. It holds true that the temperature in Cape Town over Christmas are around 25 degrees centigrade, and in August just 18 degrees. There is far more rain in August, but exactly what are the advantages of a low season visit apart from the apparent monetary one?

The very first thing is, that you don’t hopefully go to South Africa to vegetate and sit on a beach, after all you can go to many other less fascinating places and do that. It is important when researching the best Cape Town backpacker to take all factors into consideration, including location, price and safety.

There is more rain so in the Western Cape, The Namaqualand is in maturity, just for a really brief time period.
It is a fun time to go whale enjoying in Hermanus, and a terrific time to visit Kruger Park, since this is when the animals gather together around water holes.

So in conclusion the very best time to check out South Africa is not December/January, but August

The Impact Water Restrictions have had on the Wine Industry in the Western Cape

The water shortage in the Western Cape has taken its toll on everybody including the wine farms and wine producers in areas like Paarl and Stellenbosch. However those who are suffering the most and need to take urgent steps to conserve water are those who own or run their own business. There are some innovative entrepreneurs like John Jager of Jaguar Products who has developed a new style of rainwater harvesting tank that has been met with huge success. While the tanks are not necessarily the answer to water shortages experienced on wine producing farms, they are certainly proving extremely effective in reducing water consumption in homes around the popular wine producing estates.

We need to constantly remind ourselves that the water shortage we are experiencing is here to stay. It is therefore imperative that all businesses run a campaign making sure all staff members are aware of the problem. Then they need to educate their staff on ways to save water. A great idea is to provide an incentive, have a reward for the one who saves the most water in the month.

It is also important that all your notice boards throughout the company have important facts about the water shortage. Placing posters and stickers in all the bathrooms and kitchens where staff congregates. This will make them aware, in their leisure time, of the need for water conservation. All businesses should consider the function water has to play in their various organizations. Then plan how to manage their water to its full potential. It is important that all organizations need to manage the water usage by their employees to reduce water shortages. Such as drinking water, water used for ablutions and also the water used for cleaning. The water used for these functions should be monitored and solutions for saving, such as recycling and storing water can be implemented.

It is also important to scrutinize your water bill on a regular basis. Then when you detect a sudden spike in your water cost, it is time to check for possible water leaks. The best way to save water is not to waste it. You need to immediately fix any leaking taps, pipes or appliances, and urge all your employees to report any leakages immediately. Before you go home at night check your water meters to ensure that they have stopped running. If the cost is not too high it is a good idea to install water-less urinals. Another good water saver is to install aerator taps that mix air with the water and you can save up to 50% on your water consumption. The cleaning staff must be reminded and educated to use water sparingly when washing floors or machinery.

Many small businesses, which depend on water for their services, have come up with innovative ideas for the conservation of water. The car wash franchises for example have now drastically reduced the amount of water used by using water-less car wash products. Investing in one of Jaguar Products fibreglass rainwater tanks is guaranteed to reduce your water bill as well as go a long way towards helping the efforts to reduce water usage in the Cape Town area.

For businesses that rely heavily on water for their existence, might have to consider the need for added processes and more equipment to improve their water usage. This unfortunately may result in extra expense but over time this investment will prove invaluable. There are unfortunately other problems that the business owner may have to face due to the lack of water.

These are:

  • Customer loss due to limited supply and manufacturing interruptions.
  • The loss of jobs
  • It may also result in the company relocating in order to survive

The need for the business owner to do all in their power to conserve water is vital, as to date there has been no special water restrictions imposed on them. All the proposed water restrictions have mainly targeted the domestic water user. These include domestic gardens, swimming pools, and car washing and irrigation systems.

All the water-efficient technology usage has exempted the government and business from any of the standard water restrictions imposed on the individual water user. This is of great concern as the government and business have a huge effect on the usage of water and they also need to be included in any water restriction policies made. Industry is a large sector where huge amounts of water are used on a daily basis. Innovative ways should be considered to lessen the water usage in this area. If everybody puts in the effort, both the individual and large enterprises, then we might just make it through the terrible drought conditions.

All about Vaping and E-Cigarettes

It’s a common fact that most wine drinkers are frequently smokers too. So what’s the big deal about Electronic Cigarettes or “E-Cigarettes” as they are commonly known? These electronic devices that come with an assortment of vape juice to choos from, much the way a wine connoisseur might choose a specific wine – And more importantly, are they as popular with wine lovers as conventional cigarettes ? We chatted to and conducted a poll with some of our most proliferous customers who enjoy their Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and sparkling wines. The results were most interesting indeed. But first a little background.

In 2003 a Chinese Pharmacist invented the e-cigarette and today most of these devices are manufactured in China. Since 2004 when they first came on the market only a few were sold, but today the sales have rocketed and they are sold worldwide. The e-cigarette has almost 500 different brands and world sales for them are in excess of $7 Billion dollars. This almost triple the value of total wine exports from South Africa.

The e-cigarette is made up of 5 or 6 main components which are:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Cartridge or tank
  • Heating element or atomiser
  • Microprocessor
  • Battery
  • Where possible an LED light at the front

There is also what is called a mechanical e-cigarette which has no electronic components. This type of e-cigarette operates with a small heating coil or atomiser. When a mechanical switch is closed by the user, the coil is heated and draws in an e-liquid solution which is vaporised. This liquid, inside the chamber, can reach a temperature of roughly 250°C which is then atomised. The user then can inhale this vaporised liquid, which has a flavour and taste comparable to tobacco, instead of cigarette smoke. In many cases you can also get e-cigarettes that are free of nicotine. The number of quality e liquid South Africa suppliers is on the rise as many realize this rapidly expanding market.

Basically there are 3 types of e-cigarettes:

  • Cigalikes

These are e-cigarettes that look just like the ordinary cigarette.

  • eGos     The eGos is similar to the Cigalike but is fitted with refillable tanks.
  • Mods     A Mod is an e-cigarette that consists of essential parts or is an existing product that has been modified

The e-cigarette is continually evolving and new products are being developed on a monthly basis and incorporated into the worldwide market.

  • First Generation e-cigarettes.

This product has the tendency to look just like an ordinary tobacco cigarette and bears the name of “Cigalikes”. The main difference is the feel; an ordinary cigarette feels smoother and lighter, while the Cigalike is inflexible and heavier. In many cases the size also varies.

  • Second Generation e-cigarettes All these devices are much larger and do not resemble a tobacco cigarette at all.
  • Third Generation e-cigarettes

This group of products have incorporated different mechanical mods and variable voltage devices.

  • Fourth Generation e-cigarettes

All the e-cigarettes manufactured in this way incorporate Sub ohm tanks as well as temperature control devices.

The e-cigarettes power source is its main component and consists of a rechargeable lithium battery.

What makes the e-cigarette effective is the e-liquid mixture which is made up of the following;

  • Propylene glycol
  • Glycerine
  • Water
  • In most cases Nicotine
  • Flavouring

Although the e-liquid mixture above may differ from product to product, the liquid consists of 95% propylene glycol and glycerine. Manufactures boast of providing in excess of 8,000 different flavours.

All the major toxic chemicals contained in tobacco smoke are not present in the e-cigarette. However the e-liquid in the e-cigarette can include toxins as well as heavy metals which are inhaled by the user and can be very harmful to the human body. Up to date no serious effects have been reported during trials but they do include the following:

  • Throat irritation
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Coughing

The main reason for the smoker to use the e-cigarette has been to quit the habit, as it gives the smoker the feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette without inhaling the smoke and toxic chemicals contained in tobacco. Another reason is to help reduce the risk of lung cancer or just to save money.

Due to the problem existing with tobacco laws worldwide, most countries fail to address the seriousness of the health effects to the users. However in 2016 the European Directive has set out restrictions in regards to the e-liquid ingredients as well as making the containers child-proof.

The verdict is still out as to the long term effects e-cigarettes could have, but for the moment the e-cigarette seems to be the healthier option to take if you have to smoke.

Raka Winter Promotion

A South African man got a lot more than he bargained for today on an internet site while trying to download what he referred to as “Porno Vino”. “I had been fantasizing about this little Vintage since the first boring meeting of the day so I went home and decided to surf the net with the hope of finding a site where I could download some of those wicked full-bodied reds and succulent whites” said Mr Voila in his Gardens home yesterday. “Suddenly, there it was, WineWeb’s tempting collection of sexy fireside classics!”
According to Mr Voila, that was only the beginning; “I realized that the wind-chill factor was affecting my will to move and then I saw it – WineWeb’s offer, straight out of my wildest dreams.”
Mr Voila continued to say that WineWeb’s offers did not end with a heavenly Pinot Noir. He explained that they deliver the very temptation you desire to your door, saving you from venturing into the blistering cold.
Rumour has it that the ongoing Winter Sale offers wines “at a steal” and reports that this month’s exciting promotion offers a mixed case of Raka’s three Double Gold award winning red wines. At only R 473.20 per case these wines are exceptional value for money. There aren’t many left so treat this as an urgent purchase!
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When asked for a closing comment Mr Voila replied: “…now if I could just find a site that can put another log on the fire…”

A day in the life of pre-historic man is reported to have centered around communicating in grunts, hunting, making fire, eating, hunting some more and then pioneering un-romantic ways of luring women back to his dark, un-appealing, rock-like cave. Still today, literature and theatre mock this simple-minded hunter by suggesting that very little has evolved, except perhaps the invention of antiperspirant deodorants.

Take the art of buying and tasting wine, an all encompassing seriousness that sets this wheel of mystery in motion begins after an auspicious tasting of hand-crafted boutique wine at a dinner party. Cue the age-old predictable art of pursuing the unsuspecting prey – this time in the form of a bottle of rare and sought-after wine.

Thus begins the first step: initiating the hunt. At the risk of taking sides (after all I am woman) I assure you that our team at WineWeb based the following findings on intrinsically researched data, none of which is derived from information passed down through generations in ways revealed by men like Dan Brown, who walk that fine line that separates courage and stupidity.

The primal art of hunting will be further demonstrated through our Wine-iac experiments.

Please note that in the interests of scientific accuracy, the Wine-iac hunter is not a volunteer, but rather unsuspectingly so selected, in order to preserve the traits of the alpha male instinctive behaviour. The experiment has been thoroughly researched by professionals in a contained environment and can be very dangerous if not monitored by other professionals in white coats with clipboards and glasses on their noses, so do not, I repeat, do not try this at home.

The experiment is a dinner party, found to be the most favorable setting for Wine-iac experiments. The prey is Audacia’s Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 which is surreptitiously introduced to the hunter’s olfactory nerves and palate.

Welcome to South African WineWeb

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Guide to South African Wine :

Why choose a South African wine? Our wines are of a generally high standard so you have a slim chance of going wrong. The Western Cape climate is mainly a Mediterranean one with long warm summers and mild wet winters, these conditions are ideal for clean tasting white wines and strong, bold red wines that we are famous for. Some South African wine makers have moved towards the modern wine making techniques which make red wine easily drinkable from an early age. Some of the old style wines, mainly Bordeaux blends still have strong tannins and require a few years to age for optimal drinking pleasure. Enjoy your shopping experience from the comfort of your home, time to stock your collection with the finest SA vintages.